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Alternate Fashions Catwalk

Whether your into Japanese Fashion styles such as Lolita and Visual Kei or your into your vintage Steampunk inspired clothing this is the fashion showcase for you as we hope to showcase a wide range of fashions.

Due to the success of last years fashion catwalk we have decided it would be a good idea of expand this year with a wide range of fashion from casual to the most glamorous garments we can find.

So, if you are interested in modelling on the day or sponsoring our catwalk feel free to get in touch.

How do I become a Model?
Simply complete the registration form here by 1st April 2017. Applicants will chosen be and informed after this date.

Why Sponsor it?
This is your opportunity to showcase your clothing and accessories live on stage in front of thousands of people. On the day the Catwalk itself will also be filmed and photographed for extra advertising exposure through our website and social media. In addition any images and videos can be used for your own promotion use as well. We will be accepting any alternate clothing and accessories. These may include Gothic, Japanese/Asian, Steampunk, Vintage and casual fashion items. Sponsors can use the screen to promote their brand with either images or a short video while their items are being exhibited. We feel this catwalk will benefit any upcoming or existing businesses as attendees have the opportunity to see how the garments look while being worn and how to use clothing accessories to boost their desired look. To sponsor the catwalk please complete the sponsorship form.
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