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Kelsey Ellison Live Performance at Yorkshire Cosplay Con

Kelsey Ellison is a regular performer among conventions in the U.K, who brings fun, energetic, singing and dancing performances live on stage.

Her youtube, which has almost 6 million views in total, features covers of Jpop, Kpop and a variety of other videos such as Fashion, Beauty, Sketches and Vlogs. Kelsey and her videos have gained a lot of recognition from many popular media outlets around the world such as ABC, Channel 5, CNN, KBS World, Hanamaru Market, Como Magazine, Space Shower TV and RocketNews24. Some of the artists themselves such as Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, BabyMetal, Sam And The Womp and Wassup have recognised and praised her videos too.

Past convention performances include MCM London, Nemacon, London Anime Con and Alcon. She has also attended Hyper Japan and Japanorama where she performed with international idol group “Oishii Ichigo” at these events. After been invited back to some of these events multiple times, Kelsey is looking forward to performing at Yorkshire Cosplay Con which is a local event she has wanted to attend for some time!

Kelsey Ellison autographs and merchandise will be available on the day and is also available online here.
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