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Pandoras Box Zoo Days

We are Pandora’s Box Zoo Days, a unique zoo made up of countless rescues fun stories and fantastic personalities, from fluffy and cute to scaly and legless; we take on countless animals to try raising awareness on the exotic pet world. We want people to see the needs of these animals and size; too many animals are bought out of misunderstandings’ then dumped. We want people to ask as many questions as they like! We do run on donations and our donation bucket will be there

Our Rules
  • Tarantulas are not to be held by the public (you may be allergic to the hairs and not know)
  • The huge snake is not to be held standing up, you may sit with him and have photos.
  • We have plenty of snakes that can be held please use hand sanitizer after holding our animals will be going for rests during the day
  • Please do not bang on the tanks
  • Please do not put your fingers through the bars of the animal’s cages
  • Please do not open tanks
  • Please do not pick up the animals treats and give them to the animals we will be feeding the animals at times and will allow you to feed them at these times
  • Do not eat meat and be out our table at the same time it is possible our bosc monitor may try mug you for it.
  • Keep flash on cameras to a limit
Over all take plenty of photos, ask lots of questions, have lots of animal cuddles! And other all have a great day!

Check out their facebook page for more.
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