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Come and meet Paul Redfern at Yorkshire Cosplay Con!

Hello. My name is Paul Redfern A.K "CelebrityPaul" Actor/Support Artiste ,Internet Radio Presenter and author of the book "Actor/Extra". I'm a wealth of life experience,from a miner to a Sky engineer /Hi power salesman /Bus Driver /Citizens advisor/ Coal man /Policeman /Security Guard / Market trader /Antiques Dealer/Removal man/Radio Technician. And lots more. Having lots of life experience enables an ability to mimic Culture and job types/accents. I'm extrovert in personality and have an inbuilt ability to act though never had the chance to show it. I have lived in lots of areas and backgrounds, allowing me to mimic local dialect and habits. In short I'm very adaptable and can be any given character at will. Very flexible talent. Looking for a Phillip Schofield type presenter?, that'll be me. on SoundCloud as The CelebrityPaul Show.

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